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What is Kempo Karate and What is Kempo Evolution?The Kempo Karate that we teach has its roots originating from theShaolin Temple in China. It is a practical form of self-defense, andis based on movements of the Five Animal System. Shaolin means “small pine tree”. Kempo Means “The way of the fist or Fist Law”. Kempo is a Japanese word used to describe the Art. The Chinese word is “Ch’uan Fa”. My interpretation is that “The way ofthe Fist” means that no weapons are being used to defend yourself, and your striking is your means of defense. As the Shaolin monks dispersed throughout the Far East, their Legacy has produced many styles of Martial Arts. One of those styles was based in Japan, and that Family moved to Hawaii. That was when Kempo was introduced in the United States. There are many Kempo schools and styles of Kempo taught in the U.S. At Kempo Academy Evolution, I have placed my focus on the application of the defensivemovements that I was taught. I have great respect and reverence for my Instructor and his teachings and the lineage of Masters who preceded him. Every Movement and Form has a Lesson and Goal to teach the student about movement. Where I can, I have keptthe movements as I was originally taught. In other instances, I have made changes that make execution of the Goal behind the movement faster and more effective.

Kempo Evolution is:

“Kempo Kaizen”

I want my students to possess two forms of mindfulness and focus when they come to class

Shoshin “Beginners Mind” the idea that each class is like your first day of Karate and you are open to learning.

Mushin “No Mind” This kind of focus and awareness takes years to Master. It is the mental state of total awareness of your surroundings. You are relaxed and without emotions or fear. The ability to move and defend using muscle memory and movements with no Intention, Plan, or Direction.

Kempo Warrior Students begin their training in our Junior Black Belt Curriculum. There are 12 levels to pass through to reach Jr. Black Belt. When a student achieves Black Belt, the Journey toward Self Mastery begins

    • 1700 Square-Foot Main Training Area With 9 Foot Ceilings
    • Great Mats Floors for Maximum Safety
    • Climate-Controlled Training Room & Waiting Area
    • Open Seating for Parents & Spectators
    • Complimentary Wi-Fi
    • Equipped for Special Events Such as Workshops, Parties & Seminars

Why Learn Kempo at my School?  The simple answer is because it helps people succeed. Our modern world requires less of the physical portion of Martial Arts than at any other time in history, but that doesn’t mean that there is no place for Martial Arts Training.

The ever-evolving world of social media has created a new realm where conflict, stress, and bullying can adversely affect all of us including our children. Martial Arts Students learn to be more confident, have better self-control, become leaders, and get better grades in school than kids who don’t do this activity.

As a parent, I have always wanted the best for my children. We all seek to find those opportunities for our kids that give them the best chances for a successful future.

Finding the right school

    • It’s not about choosing the right style of Martial Art.
    • It’s not about Price.
    • It’s not about scheduling.

Finding any school involves those choices, but the right school is the one that has a staff that is dedicated to helping you reach above and beyond your goals.

I have developed Kempo Evolution to honor the history and traditions that I have learned from Shaolin Kempo. I have also added new teachings and traditions to the Kempo Evolution system, that I believe enhance the system and make it more relevant in today’s social environment.  I have an excellent staff that teach and believe in this Kempo system.  We will help create better leaders and better athletes.  All of our students become more confident and successful in every aspect of their lives. So the answer to the question is:

Me and my staff of instructors, make us different.  We believe that we are here to learn what each student needs from us to grow as an individual and as a member of a team.  That team is the Kempo Evolution Community.  Under our leadership this community of students learns to champion and help each other become our personal best each and every day. We are the right school.

Where do your kids learn their values?  It starts at home with you.  They continue to learn more at school. Our program here at Kempo Academy Evolution reinforces these values every day in every class.  We set a high standard for integrity, respect, self-control, and emotional intelligence.  These lessons are the beginnings of our leadership training.

    • To Train at a school where safety is a priority.
    • To Reinforce Character Development in our community of growing leaders
    • To Offer a Kempo Curriculum that students of any age can participate in successfully
    • Birthday Parties
    • Day Camps
    • Annual Tournament

To Train at a school where safety is a priority.

To Reinforce Character Development in our community of growing leaders

To Offer a Kempo Curriculum that students of any age can participate in successfully

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